Do Good

With technology you can make a world of difference in your careers in Australia – reducing energy consumption, improving health care, enhancing security, reducing pollution and advancing learning and education.

 Be Empowered

Information technology gives you the power to imagine new languages, new worlds and new ways of improving our lives by putting better ideas into actual practice in our communities.

 Open Doors

With 25 billion devices connected to the internet (2015, est.), just about everything depends on technology. From transport to law, few careers in Australia enjoy so many real world applications and few open as many doors as Information technology.

 Be Connected

Information technology connects you to a world of smart, creative people who share a passion for new ideas, new inventions and new solutions that impact our lives, our nation and our world. 

Australia’s Digital Future

Through cooperation with Digital Careers in programs such as Young ICT Explorers, we are taking action not only to address evident skills shortages, but to also engage Australia’s youth in the promising and rewarding field of ICT. Through intensified partnership with Digital Careers, we have expanded our Young ICT Explorers program to additional states and recruited more schools and students to participate in this annual competition – inspiring thousands of young Australians toward education and careers in ICT.”

~ Andrew Barkla, President and Managing Director SAP Australia and New Zealand

About Digital Careers

Digital Careers is a collaborative national initiative of industry, research, primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions (universities and TAFE), and government focused on reducing the critical shortage of Australian ICT professionals by raising awareness and interest in ICT careers, and growing and diversifying the pool of tertiary students preparing for a career in the ICT industry.  Digital Careers focuses on primary and secondary school students, parents, teachers and school based career advisors. Funding is provided through the Australian Government, Universities, Industry and State Governments.