As a driver of digital careers and education, you understand the valuable resource that skilled, talented and forward- thinking employees can be to your industry. Your future workforce will never have known a world without technology; today students are constantly connected, can have every question answered instantaneously and have the world at their fingertips.

The prospect of developing, inspiring and providing opportunities to the next generation of Australians in digital careers has never been more exciting for the advancement of every industry and workforce around the world. Business growth and industry potential is virtually limitless through the support of digital careers.

As a key component of their future lives and careers, you have the opportunity to facilitate Australian students to create things that have never ever been thought about, help discover new and exciting ways to improve our lives and to make what might currently seem impossible a future reality.

In addition to leading the world in some of our most advanced future digital discoveries, industry and education providers have the potential to foster a future that is profitable, ground-breaking, personally fulfilling and exciting, not only domestically, but internationally too. Let’s work together to connect today’s students to the reality of being part of a workforce in digital careers.