Who We Are


Digital Careers highlights the diverse, exciting and rewarding opportunities in ICT careers for young Australians, through engaging with new technology, education options and advice. Industry leaders, education providers and government contribute to this national program to boost interest in ICT careers, and reveal it as an attractive option for a brilliant career.

What We Do



Digital Careers focuses on reducing the critical shortage of Australian ICT professionals by raising awareness and interest in digital careers and by growing the number of students preparing for a career in the ICT industry. The program provides information, activities and opportunities for primary and secondary school students (school years 5-10), and for their parents, teachers and school based career advisors.




Digital Careers grew out of a program called Group X that was established in 2007 by The University of Queensland, The Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University and the Queensland Government.

Today, all Australian students can benefit from Digital Careers. The program leverages what was learnt from Group X, together with new and exciting innovative approaches from across Australia and around the world. Digital Careers represents an opportunity to grow a brilliant, innovative and globally-competitive digital capability that will position Australia as a leader across all industry sectors.