Aitken Creek Primary School complete the Bebras Challenge

(This post was originally posted on the Aitken Creek PS Year 3 & 4 blog).


On Tuesday the 22nd of March Aitken Creek Yr 3/4 participated in the Bebras Challenge. In teams they had to solve lots of different problems that used computational thinking. The biggest challenge that they had was to find the room number that a beaver lived in at the Beaver Hotel. Aitken Creek PS are looking forward to doing the challenge again in the next round in September.






Student comments:

Sienna: “In the bebras challenge it was challenging and a tiny bit hard. The hardest question I tried to do was the last question when you had to share the water or the liquid. In the challenge the problems were really easy for me but some were hard for me. It was a great challenge and I really enjoyed it.”

Moosa: “I really found the Challenge fun. The questions were needed to be read carefully otherwise it would be very difficult. The questions were all made of numerals and they all had pictures. Every one got a chance to have to go.”

Ann: “The Bebras challenge was hard but it taught me how to solve problems. It was so much fun.Me and my group tried do it but it was to hard we thought it was easy but it was not how thought it was. I can’t wait for the next round and finish the tasks quickly.”

Abigail: “The bebras challenge was fun but hard at the same time.”

Angad: “I Like the way people were working with each other.”