The BiG Day In, run by the ACS Foundation and sponsored by Digital Careers, is a day for secondary students to learn about different careers in technology. But what about primary school students you ask? Well hello, BiG Day In Junior!

Last week over 900 Year 5 and 6 students from 30 schools across Sydney gathered at Hilltop Road Primary School in Merrylands to have their day in the sun.

The students had BiG fun learning about technology with the gurus.

Digital Careers, Google, Microsoft, Atlassian, Code Camp and Adobe were just a few of the wonderful organisations who ran over 30 activities for the kids to participate in.

Some students learnt about computational thinking by completing the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge while others learnt about magnetic fields with CSIRO’s CREST program. They also cheered each other on during a race with F1 cars they had previously made in class.

One of the favourites on the day was Ozobots. Working with small robots, students learnt about sequencing and understanding a colour-based coding language. Now let’s face it, playing with small robots certainly pushed their buttons!

After a fun-filled day the students left with their minds buzzing about what technology career they could achieve and how they could change the world.


BiG Day In dates for 2017 have been released:

BiG Day In Junior 2017 date will be announced next year. For more information, contact us at