Digital Careers: 2015 TasICT Conference, Jason Imms transcript

What do you do within ICT?
We recently organised and created the Tasmanian Game Development Society which is about creating games. If you’re interested at all in making games, if you have made them before, if you would like to get into that field, if you’d like to do something related, come and join us, there is a website there you can go to you can find us and we can give you more information.

What’s happening in the games industry now?
The Australian Games Industry has changed, the big studios are all gone, everyone’s doing everything independently now and that means you can do that from anywhere you don’t have to leave, you can do it from here.  It’s never been easier to make the game that you want to make, but conversely it’s never been harder to land a job with an established studio, which means people are trying to create their own opportunities which is really exciting, it’s also very difficult.

What’s the best way to get into game development?
I would suggest that the best thing you can do is start making stuff now. Start making stuff while you are studying, don’t wait until you finish studying to begin making things because you won’t get a job until quite a bit after that, you need a portfolio, “Everything you finish grows your portfolio, builds your capability and contributes to your future”, I said that.

Hug your way to success?
A friend of mine Trent Kusters who runs ‘League of Geeks’, in a recent interview he told me that, you have to hug your way to success you need to go to events, you need to attend things, you need to meet people you need to network, you need to create opportunities with people and that’s really important and you can only really do that in person internet feels like I can give you a lot of that, but really it’s a bit of a smokescreen you need to be attending the things that come to this and make a budget if you are going to be working in Tasmania budget to spend money to attend conventions etc in other parts of the country and other parts of the world.

What roles are there in the games industry?
There are heaps of jobs in the games industry, there are a few of them. I’m a Games Journalist I suggest making games is really fun there are lots of ways you can be involved in that you don’t have to be a developer there lots of skills that can contribute to it, so have a think about some of those.