Digital Careers in the Northern Territory

Winter Warmer!  While the southern states have been shivering their way through winter, Karsten and Nicolette have attended careers fairs in the Northern Territory.  What an exciting opportunity for Digital Careers to learn about the Northern Territory and what happening for students studying there.
IMG_4244Both Katherine and Darwin were well attended fairs, we had got to meet with a number of students who are already showing great interest and ability in technology.  We met with more students who were keen to understand and engage with the technology at our booth – specifically the piano glove, mood light and tricorder. 
We had the opportunity to speak with students, parents and teachers about careers in the field and many recognised the changes to the way we will be working in the coming decade and the importance of ensuring students will be skilled in these areas.
The Northern Territory like other parts of Australia is keen to ensure that their students have every opportunity to explore technology in all its forms.  The key is finding the best way to engage!!
We will be heading back to the Northern Territory as soon as possible to engage with more students and teachers!