Digital Careers IT Profiles: Alan Rosevear, TasmaNet transcript

What sparked your interest in ICT?
I did a Architecture Degree at University then moved into the building industry and I was working for the building industry for six months and thought this can be a little bit more productive and move forward a little bit quicker if we looked at some new IT systems, so I put some proposals forward about bringing some servers in-house, some more laptops and desktops then someone needed to look after it, so I put my hand up to do that too. So I went from Architecture to IT.

What was your first ICT job?
My first role in IT really, was more as just an IT Coordinator, because I was still a Site Clerk and a Project Administrator so I was doing both that role and also looking after IT at the same time. My first real I guess full IT job, would of been more in the management side, managing an IT team within a large construction firm.

What are you doing now?
My current role is Chief Operating Officer for TasmaNet, I’ve been with the company now for three years and I’ve also just become the TasICT Vice President as well.

How does the future look?
Look there’s always something going on, there’s great people to work with, it’s an exciting industry, it’s a fast-paced industry. In our company in particular at TasmaNet we’ve got a data centre which has large infrastructure involved, so my construction background kind of works with it as well because we have big chillers and switchboards to look after. The servers, I guess excite in the
technology that’s with that, you know, sometimes it’s a lot of money which is always fun in itself, we’re growing very rapidly so that really, I guess keeps you interested in the role. Nothing is ever the same week to week, something new is always occurring and just dealing with the people in the industry, they are just great people really. Yeah it’s just a fantastic industry.

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