Digital Careers IT Profiles: Eloise Macdonald-Meyer transcript

Eloise Macdonald-Meyer

What sparked your interest in ICT?
Well I had a bit of an interesting beginning when it came to IT, I had always wanted to be a vet since I was three years old I was going be a vet until I got to about year 11 or 12 and I had a few friends who are really interested in this stuff and then I took a few electives and there was a subject called Games Fundamentals and I’d always really loved computer games I was a big First Person Shooter and I loved my Counter Strike and my Call of Duty’s and so I did this course and I was like, well I like games and this is effectively called ‘games fun’ so let’s go to learn about that! My first initial thoughts about programming were kind of like so you basically type in words into pretty much nothing, and you get something out of it this, this is effectively magic this is like real world magic so got to be a wizard which was exciting!

What are you doing now?
I’m actually still studying at the moment so I am currently finishing off my degree through RMIT online because I got a job at the start of this year as a Web Developer. This year I’ve been going along to a lot of tech meetups, like anything tech related that I can find in my local community or wherever I’m travelling to, I always try to get along so I’ve been going to a meetup called WebDev42 and I met a lot of web developers there and eventually I got to know people so well that they were like you know what, we’ll give you a job which was pretty exciting.

What’s the future of ICT?
So the future ICT is fast, there are so many places that you can go I’m really interested in open course and communities and getting as many people as you can to contribute. Just what ICT can do for education will be amazing and I think is definitely something we should be working on.

How can we get the next generation interested in ICT?
It’s hard to encourage people to the future to get on board when you know things aren’t the greatest right now but I’m hoping we can really work on making things better so that by the time the next generation can get up to this level and they can feel like they are contributing, that it won’t be so much of an issue anymore, especially just because of your gender or your race, like that shouldn’t stop you, your going to be amazing anyway!