Digital Careers IT Profiles: Kim Knight, Tas TAFE transcript

Kim Knight, Tas TAFE

What sparked your interest in ICT?
When I finished high school I was really into graphic design and that’s what I wanted to do, but had a bit of a problem with it and I found it really hard to be creative and come up with creative designs on the spot, and I thought that’s going to make it pretty hard to work in that industry, so I had to think about what else I might do and I’ve always been really interested in technology, so I decided I’d give IT a go.  So after high school I went and got my Certificate II in IT and three months after that managed to get a traineeship.

What was your first ICT job?
I got a traineeship working with Tafe Tasmania at the time and I was an IT support officer there, so I got to go out and work with clients, work across about 15 different Tafe sites, travel around Tasmania and provide support to clients.

What are you doing now?
I’ve been working as an IT Support Officer, as well as a few other roles I’ve been working in Networking and Systems Administration for the last ten years and just in the last two years I’ve also started teaching part-time as well at Tafe.

How does the future look?
I honestly don’t know what the future of ICT holds and I think that’s what makes it so exciting, it’s amazing just to see all these new technologies coming out all the time, it’s such an exciting industry to be a part of, I see ICT integrating more and more into our lives and I think it’s really great to be a part of that.

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