My experience as a Young ICT Explorer: Alexandra Belbin, Lily Schuecker-Rush and Sarah Gilmour

Alex, Sarah and Lily from St. Michael’s Collegiate in Tasmania created a robot that was programmed to make its way through a maze avoiding any obstacles in its path. Where did their inspiration for this idea come from? Well their idea behind the robot came from their passion to help make the jobs of our firefighters not only easier, but safer! Here’s what they had to say!

Who are we?

Hello, our names are Alexandra Belbin, Sarah Gilmour and Lily Schuecker-Rush and we came first place in the Year 3 & 4 Division at the 2015 Young Explorers Competition, Hobart, Tasmania.

About our project

Our project was Robo Maze. We built an EV3 Lego Mindstorm Robot and programmed it to go around a maze. We wanted the robot to begin at one point and end at another whilst it avoided obstacles. We used the Lego Mindstorm software to program our robot. It took a lot of time to get it just right and we had to make sure we put it exactly on the start point otherwise it wouldn’t work. We also used a touch sensor to help the robot move around the obstacles.



How did we come up with the idea?

The idea is to help firefighters. The robot could go into a burning building or dangerous situation to look for people who may be trapped. This would tell the firefighters where the people were so they could be saved. The robot would save time and save lives.

Some of the challenges of our project

We had some difficulties with our maze and the sensors. The maze wasn’t strong enough to support the touch sensor and the obstacles would move and make the robot go different ways.  We had to make the maze stronger like a real life building.


What we have learnt from the Young ICT Explorers Competition

We had to work collaboratively to get the project completed. We had different ideas, however, we put our ideas together to come up with the maze. We learnt that if you keep trying your ideas will develop and you find new ways of solving problems.

Last thoughts

Everyone should give it a go. It might seem easy or it might seem hard but it is not always what you expect. When things go wrong, don’t give up, just keep trying. You have to be committed to the project and you have to collaborate which is not always easy. There is always room for improvement with your project so it doesn’t have to be the final product, it could be the beginning of a great idea.