In 2015, I was lucky to be involved in the ICT Competition. My project started out as a very small eBook consisting of a few digital slide shows and interesting facts. I thought I could make it even more exciting and very quickly, it evolved into a well organised, six chapter sports book. The first chapters each had a dedicated sport while the final chapter included a ‘special’ section on my favourite sports commentators, whom I interviewed by video or phone.

I wanted to write an eBook so people would have fun reading, watching, listening and interacting with a twist. The viewer has full control of where they want to visit within the eBook and can hop from section to section with ease.

My eBook solves the need to visualise, listen and have fun with sport on a page. It is quite unique as I haven’t needed to use any coding or programming within each page. I used a combination of software which when used together, allowed me to resolve all of my practical problems. I was able to combine real-life interviews with the written word, just like a moving book. Some of my main difficulties were downloading YouTube clips and embedding them within my eBook at a lower resolution. I needed the eBook to be small enough to upload and sell on iBooks. Other difficulties included editing clips in Photoshop and placing it into the iTunes Store for public access.

I had a few role models while making my eBook BallSports. The fantastic commentators who gave me their time: Sandy Roberts, Mark ‘Howie’ Howard, Stephen Quartermain, Hamish McLachlan and Dwayne Russell. My teachers at Beaconhills College who helped answer my millions of questions and my Mum (for technical help), Dad and brother Luke (for their huge sport knowledge). When I finally finished my eBook, I was over the moon. It took 9 months of hard work and effort. I believe my eBook is quite unique and exciting because of the digital elements within its pages. I encourage all kids to try something new. They might just surprise themselves. I did!