Who am I?

Hi! I am Callum from Mosman High School and I am one of the winners of last year’s Young ICT Explorers.

How did I come up with the idea?

My family have been happily using a car share system for years, but the system becomes frustrating when someone illegally parks in the assigned car-share space. When I was younger, I had printed out little leaflets which I would leave under the windscreen wiper of illegally parked cars explaining how much they had inconvenienced everyone. But there had to be a better way. It was contemplating that ‘better way’ that led to the creation of the Car Share Space Monitor

What is the Car Share Space Monitor?

The Car Share Space Monitor is a device that can be attached to a lamppost and monitor the car space. If the car-share car arrives a screen welcomes the driver home; if the car is not supposed to be parking in the space the screen gives them a polite warning and then, if they don’t move, notifies the council rangers and the car share scheme organisers. All of this is connected to the web and contained in a 3D-printed housing. Creating the Car Share Space Monitor involved coding, electronics, and problem solving.

What did I learn from the Young ICT Explorers competition?

Winning the Young ICT Explorers competition last year gave me a huge amount of confidence and validation in my ideas and abilities. That in turn led to me pursuing another project to solve a problem I saw: students being given diaries and timetables designed for businesses that don’t work the way schools actually work. To solve that problem I created When That (www.whenthat.com) a unique timetabling system for high schools.

Last thoughts?

I’m hoping to study coding, or maybe science, at university. The University of NSW has a course which allows high school students to enrol in first year university and I’m hoping that being able to point to Car Share Space Monitor, When That, and my various competition wins will help with getting accepted to it.