Who am I?

Hi! I am Imogen. I am currently completing Year 12 at Brisbane Girls Grammar School and I’m a Young ICT Explorers winner.

What am I studying now?

My interest in Science, Technology and Mathematics was fostered at an early age, through my participation in Science workshops, robotics club, and Mathematics competitions, which were offered at my school.

How did I come up with the idea?

For an assignment in my senior ITS class we were asked to design and develop a mobile web application for my school’s open day. Based on survey results, I decided that the main feature of the web app should be an interactive map of the school campus. I then investigated and analysed some of the world’s largest institutions including universities, hospitals, shopping centres, airports and casinos to gain insights into how they approached the issue of providing a good mobile web browsing experience for their visitors. I was particularly interested in how they represented complex, multi-level facilities. As a general observation, I found that many online maps fall short in two areas. Firstly, they were lacking in detail. Typically, each map displayed the buildings and surrounding roadways only, but did not visually represent the content of each floor of each building such as classrooms, bathrooms, receptions, wards, shops, lifts etc. Secondly, the majority of the maps were not designed for a mobile web browser. After conducting this research, my focus shifted to designing a more innovative indoor map solution for my school, and for all industries.

Did involvement in the program increase your interest in pursuing careers in tech? 

Yes for sure! Prior to my participation in the program I did not have a strong interest in pursuing a career in ICT, as my stereotypical view of this industry was that it was male dominated, non-interactive, technology-focused, and boring. To my surprise it was great to see so many innovative projects on display and so may girls participating in the program. This experience showed me that technology is in fact a powerful tool and an essential part of the solution to most of the issues confronting the world today. The program gave me an insight in to how exciting, fulfilling and enjoyable a career in technology can be and encouraged me to create and innovate with ICT. The program promoted a greater understanding of real-life applications of technology and the career path it enables.

What’s next for my “Indoor Map”?

I am interested in further developing the indoor map to incorporate a positioning and navigation system. In order to do this however, I must first build my skill set. This is why I have enrolled myself in an online open course on computer science with Harvard University. This course will also give me a head start before I begin studying IT at a university in Queensland next year. As well as studying, I also landed an internship with SAP following my win at the Young ICT Explorers event.