Who am I?

Hello! I am Michael Schulz, from Kenmore State High School in Brisbane and I’m one of the winners of last year’s Young ICT Explorers competition.

What was my project?

My project was an Environmental Tricorder, inspired by the science fiction world of Star Trek. A Tricorder is actually short for “Tri-function reCORDER” which describes a device that can scan, analyse and record data. I came up with the idea while watching my father’s DVD set of Star Trek, and from there, I decided to create my own Environmental Tricorder which can measure light, distance, temperature and radioactivity (beta and gamma radiation).

What did I learn from the Young ICT Explorers’ Competition?

Wow! Lots! I’d say that this project made me realise that with technology, anything is possible, and opportunities are endless!

What’s next for my Tricorder?

The next step in my Tricorder Project would be making the sensors switchable. I start with a base using low-cost hardware like Arduino and a touch screen and then I can add the sensors to that base. The base would have special plugs to allow the sensors access and this will mean that the device can have multiple, interchangeable uses.

Last thoughts?

Oh yes one more thing, I loved this project! It has been so enjoyable to carry it out from scratch. It really opened my mind on what I can do with technology. I encourage all my peers to give it a go!