Hi – My name is Joshua Brooks and I am a 16 year old serial entrepreneur who runs CodeSpace Education – a Edutech startup that teaches kids how to code.

From probably around high school, I noticed that education was a bit dull. The rules, the robot-like nature of teachers, the constant notes and tests all show an education system that has remained largely the same for many years. Although we may be using computers to take notes instead of books – it’s the same mindless copying & memorisation as 100 years ago.

The constant barrage of information that for some reason had to be memorised in our own time and then regurgitated in a test then to be forgotten forever, irritated me.

As well as wanting to run my startups, this was the other reason I left high school at the end of year 10 (I would have left earlier, they do not legally permit it in any way). But instead of just complaining and removing myself from the situation, I decided to do something about it.

I have always had an interest in computers, which probably was introduced by my father at a young age, who works in software development himself. And at the point in which I was running my previous company, I needed a website – so I went out about coding one from HTML. And then I realised that I really enjoyed coding. The challenge of having a project and to have to figure out how to do it was something that I quite enjoyed. I then learned how to code in more languages to do different things.

But it was not until a year or two later that I realised the value of learning to code earlier was extremely vital and had taught me skills that I had been unconsciously been utilising at school, at work and pretty much all other areas of life.

Skills like problem solving, critical thinking and product design were all things that I developed when I learnt how to code, even in the easiest and simplest forms, like drag-and-drop coding.

That’s why we at CodeSpace Education we run school holiday programs & after school coding clubs where kids can learn how to make their own games, apps & mods.

We are out to revolutionise education – one small step at a time. We have created programs & trained teachers to create a stress-free learning environment where kids can have fun creating their own games, apps or mods.

Some of the different workshops we run include iPhone/Android app making, Minecraft Modding, 3D video game making, beginners coding with Scratch & more!

We focus on creating an environment where kids can work at their own pace, participate in teamwork & challenges as well as explore & create.

With my team of enthusiastic & passionate educators & staff, we have been rolling out our school holiday camps all around Sydney, Melbourne & the Gold Coast and growing further. If you know a good school or venue get in touch!

We are also expanding our after school coding clubs all around these cities as well & looking for schools to host us. If you would like to get your school involved – we’d love to come and teach one of our courses in our after school coding clubs.

If you’d like to see our latest school holiday program or to get in contact please see: https://learncode.com.au